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When you have experienced the loss of a loved one, you can trust us to guide you through the arrangements necessary to create a meaningful ceremony that celebrates the unique life being honored. Our staff is committed to providing your family with the highest quality care and service in your time of need, and we take pride in our responsibility to lighten your burden as you take the first steps toward healing. 


Important Notice to All Our Families

Getting your death certificates in a timely manner is an important step in our service to you.  We understand death certificates are necessary for settling estate items as well as a variety of other types of accounts and services.  Any extended delays in receiving the death certificates can cause undue hardships at an already emotional time.  We have heard from several families detailing their frustrations at the length of time it took to receive their loved one’s death certificate.  However, we are limited by the current process in place that has allowed ever increasing delays.  

In an attempt to better serve you and all of our families, we are reaching out to make you aware of the situation.  Currently, a House Bill, H.B. 135 which addresses this issue is being held up in the House Health and Human Services Committee. In order to resolve this issue, we are asking that you contact your own legislators, to urge Chairwoman Sharon Cooper to move the process forward in order to hold a vote on the bill.  You can also contact the Health and Human Services Committee directly at 404-656-5069 and ask them to pass this bill.  Click here to see the bill and a list of contact information for Committee Members.  https://www.legis.ga.gov/committees/house/115

By supporting each other, we can hopefully see a change to a process that should be intended to better support the families of our community and state.

Best regards,

Robert C. “Cy” Hume

President and General Manager 



Meet Our Team of Dedicated Supervisory Professionals

(Seated: Cy Hume, Front Left: Michelle Arivette, Front Right: Tommy Wages, Back Left: Scott Galyon, Back Right: Garrett Cooper)

At A.S. Turner & Sons, we believe that our community is served best by offering a sincere and straightforward approach to funeral services that allows families to celebrate their loved ones in the most compassionate and uniquely meaningful way.  We understand that each family we have the privilege of serving, will have different needs and wishes when arranging services for their loved ones.  With this in mind, we have dedicated ourselves to gathering the best professionals in our industry and with over 130 years combined experience, our team has extensive skills to offer you the most professional and dignified service experience possible.  Our Board of Directors, Jane Turner, Pat Turner and Ernie Mosier are proud to have each of these individuals call A.S. Turner & Sons home.

Cy Hume, CFSP (Board of Directors / President /  Funeral Director / Embalmer)

Cy started his career in Funeral Services in 1990 in his hometown of LaGrange, Georgia where he gained a great deal of knowledge and experience as an apprentice while attending mortuary school.  After graduating in 1995, he immediately attained both his funeral director and embalmer licenses in the same year.  Dedicating himself to his chosen profession and his hometown community, Cy quickly grew and excelled, building on a strong work ethic and client-centered approach.  In 2006, he brought his talents and dedication to A.S. Turner & Sons.  He excelled from the beginning and grew to be an integral piece in the maturation of the business.  With a passion and drive for the funeral industry and a commitment for exceptional service to the community, Cy was the perfect fit to enhance the already stellar reputation of A.S. Turner & Sons.  Because of his outstanding accomplishments in enhancing our overall effectiveness, he was given ownership rights in 2015.  Then on January 1, 2020, Cy was named President.   We are very excited and proud to have Cy Hume leading the way for A.S. Turner & Sons into the future so that all the families we serve will continue to receive the most compassionate and dedicated care possible.   

Scott Galyon (Supervisor of Administrative Services / Funeral Director / Embalmer)

Scott began his career in funeral service in 1990 where he served his apprenticeship with Hunter-Allen-Myhand Funeral Home in LaGrange, GA.  After graduating from mortuary school in 1994, he began an almost 20-year stint with a major corporation in the funeral services industry that led him to serving in various roles and capacities from Funeral Director to Location Manager to Corporate Manager of Compliance and Quality Assurance for the Southeast.  Then in 2014, Scott went to work for a consolidator of funeral homes based in Tennessee that operated 12 funeral home and crematory locations.  In joining A.S. Turner & Sons in 2019, these previous endeavors have provided him with an unparalleled insightfulness that has been crucial in his new role.  He supervises our administrative services which includes, finance, accounting, bookkeeping, death certificates, and general office administration and assistance when needed.  His detail oriented high integrity approach as well as his pertinent business acumen has been greatly appreciated in maintaining our quality control and we are grateful to have him.

Michelle Arivette (Senior Embalmer and Cremation Specialist / Client Care Supervisor / Funeral Director / Embalmer)

Michelle became a licensed Funeral Director and embalmer in 1986 while residing in California.  She then dedicated herself to gaining the expertise in all facets pertaining to the funeral services industry by taking advantage of opportunities that would enhance her knowledge and give her a solid foundation to build a career on.  This experience has included several years as a forensic embalmer and autopsy technician, funeral director, preneed counselor, manager and supervisor as well as serving communities while working for both small, family-owned funeral homes to large corporately owned funeral homes.  In 2007, Michelle brought her extensive experience to A.S. Turner & Sons.  Her knowledge of the industry is outstanding and she has been instrumental in developing operational procedures to ensure the needs of our families are met in a dignified manner while maintaining regulatory oversight.  Michelle has a caring demeanor and exudes a confidence for tasks that suit her well in advising and working with our staff and families.  We are very thankful to have her guidance.

Tommy Wages (Senior Funeral Director / Client Experience Supervisor / Funeral Director / Embalmer)

Tommy is a native of Gwinnett County and is a second-generation funeral director and embalmer.  He has a passion for his calling as proven by his attaining Valedictorian status in graduating mortuary school and subsequent accolades in receiving the Bill Pierce Award which nominates the individual most exemplifying funeral service.  Having grown up in the funeral service industry, Tommy brings a wealth of funeral service knowledge and service experience honed through years of dedicated effort.  His strong foundation and an unyielding commitment to lead by example has given him a propensity for going above and beyond to ensure family needs are met with the utmost professionalism and care.  We are excited to have Tommy’s leadership and positivity enhancing the Turner ideals that our families have come to expect.

Garrett Cooper (Planning Coordinator / Aftercare Counselor / Marketing and Web Development / Insurance Agent)

While getting his Bachelor’s degree at the University of West Florida Garrett started a career in Finance.  Upon graduating, he took a job with a consumer financial services company where he began a career in Financial Services that would see him travel extensively throughout the Southeast while performing numerous roles from, Financial Rep, Business Development Manager, Branch Manager, Broker and Vice President of Sales.  In these years, Garrett developed a strong commitment for assisting individuals and families navigate the numerous decisions that they are faced with for their financial well-being.  In 2009, we brought him into the Turner family where his extensive experience has translated well for assisting our families navigate the many questions that surround end of life decisions and processes.  Garrett has a compassion and demeanor that suit him well in guiding families through all aspects of planning ahead of time, to settling estate matters after a death has occurred.  We are honored to have him.



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